People Former Members

Former Members

Picture of Simon Forest

Simon Forest

Masters Student

Ecole Normale Supérieure

Picture of David Gosset

David Gosset

Assistant Professor

University of Waterloo

Picture of Vadym Kliuchnikov

Vadym Kliuchnikov

Research Scientist

Microsoft Research

Picture of Jacob Marks

Jacob Marks

Graduate student

Stanford University

Picture of Adam Paetznick

Adam Paetznick

Research Staff

HRL Laboratories

Picture of Sadegh Raeisi

Sadegh Raeisi

Assistant Professor

Sharif University of Technology

Olivia Di Matteo

Quantum Information Science Associate


Picture of Mária Kieferová

Mária Kieferová

PhD Student

Picture of Alex Parent

Alex Parent

Security Developer

ISARA Corporation

Picture of Vincent Russo

Vincent Russo

Software Developer

ISARA Corporation

Picture of Twesh Upadhyaya

Twesh Upadhyaya

Undergraduate student

University of Toronto

Picture of Matthew Amy

Matthew Amy

PhD Student

University of Waterloo