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Towards Large-scale Functional Verification of Universal Quantum Circuits

M. Amy

Quantum Physics and Logic (QPL 2018)

Quantum++: A modern C++ quantum computing library

Vlad Gheorghiu

PLoS ONE 13(12): e0208073 (2018)

A Finite Presentation of CNOT-Dihedral Operators

M. Amy, J. Chen, N. J. Ross

Quantum Physics and Logic (QPL 2017)

On the CNOT complexity of CNOT–phase circuits

M. Amy, P. Azimzadeh, M. Mosca

Quantum Science and Technology 4 (1) (2018)

Comparison of fault-tolerant thresholds for planar qudit geometries

Jacob Marks, Tomas J.-O'Connor and Vlad Gheorghiu

New Journal of Physics 19, 113022 (2017).

Parallelizing quantum circuit synthesis

O. Di Matteo, M. Mosca

Quantum Science and Technology 1 (1) (2016)

Technology mapping of reversible circuits to Clifford+T quantum circuits

N. Abdessaied, M. Amy, M. Soeken, R. Drechsler

Estimating the cost of generic quantum pre-image attacks on SHA-2 and SHA-3

M. Amy, O. Di Matteo, V. Gheorghiu, M. Mosca, A. Parent, J. Schanck

Select Areas in Cryptography (SAC'2016)

Complexity of reversible circuits and their quantum implementations

N. Abdessaied, M. Amy, R. Drechsler, M. Soeken

Verified compilation of space-efficient reversible circuits

M. Amy, M. Roetteler, K. Svore

Computer Aided Verification (CAV 2017)

T-count optimization and Reed-Muller codes

M. Amy, M. Mosca

Accepted to IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory.

On the robustness of bucket brigade quantum RAM

S. Arunachalam, V. Gheorghiu, T. J.-O'Connor, M. Mosca and P. Varshinee Srinivasan

New Journal of Physics 17, 123010 (2015)

Exact synthesis of single-qubit unitaries over Clifford-cyclotomic gate sets

S. Forest, D. Gosset, V. Kliuchnikov, D. McKinnon

Quantum++ - A C++11 quantum computing library

V. Gheorghiu

An algorithm for the T-count

D. Gosset, V. Kliuchnikov, M. Mosca, V. Russo. Quantum Info. Comput. 14 (15-16) 1261-1276 (2014)

Polynomial-time T-depth optimization of Clifford+T circuits via matroid partitioning

M. Amy, D. Maslov, M. Mosca IEEE Trans. Comput.-Aided Design Integr. Circuits Syst. 33 (10) 1476-1489 (2014)

Asymptotically optimal topological quantum compiling

V. Kliuchnikov, A. Bocharov, K. M. Svore. Phys. Rev. Lett. 112 140504 (2014)

Optimization of Clifford circuits

V. Kliuchnikov, D. Maslov Phys. Rev. A 88 052307 (2013)

Floating point representations in quantum circuit synthesis

N. Wiebe, V. Kliuchnikov. New J. Phys. 15 093041 (2013)

Fast and efficient exact synthesis of single qubit unitaries generated by Clifford and T gates

V. Kliuchnikov, D. Maslov, M. Mosca. Quantum Info. Comput. 13 (7-8) 607-630 (2013)

Meet-in-the-middle algorithm for fast synthesis of depth-optimal quantum circuits

M. Amy, D. Maslov, M. Mosca, M. Roetteler. IEEE Trans. Comput.-Aided Design Integr. Circuits Syst. 32 (6) 818-828 (2013)

Asymptotically optimal approximation of single qubit unitaries by Clifford and T circuits using a constant number of ancillary qubits

V. Kliuchnikov, D. Maslov, M. Mosca Phys. Rev. Lett. 110 190502 (2013)

Synthesis of unitaries with Clifford+T circuits

V. Kliuchnikov

Practical approximation of single-qubit unitaries by single-qubit quantum Clifford and T circuits

V. Kliuchnikov, D. Maslov, M. Mosca